Arya Samaj - Love Marriage Certificate

Arya samaj marriage certificate is very important for couples who present in this marriage relation. Arya samaj provides a certificate to both of them. In this we get a marriage certificate in which some important information are in mentioned like as: name of both couples, address, date of birth and most important their signature and photograph. For proof we need for marriage certificate.

These days’ people travelling globally and everything becoming electronic, there is increasing need for documentation. Earlier in Hindi society, marriage certificates were unheard of but these days that has become a essential identity proof for married couple in different avenues like passport office, visa, bank account etc. Arya Samaj has also made provisions to award marriage certificates to the married couples which tie knot under their rituals.

Arya Samaj provides marriage certificates with the condition that the institute it uses should be set up in accordance with law and should be registered with Registrar of Societies.

The certificates can be issued to the couples who were married in the past with Arya Samaj traditions. The procedure for current and past marriages all remains the same, the only problem is to get the witnesses of marriage if the marriage was conducted long ago.

The problem also occurs when the couple has moved to different city after marriage as the place where is marriage is solemnized is where it is issued or the place to which the groom or bride belongs. If these problems are solved, it is definitely possible for couples to get proper marriage certificate even if happened in the past but was as per Arya Samaj marriage rituals and traditions.