Love Marriage Noida

Welcome to Arya Samaj Mandir Delhi for Love Marriage. We provide all type of marriage solutions in Delhi NCR with the arya samaj rules and regulations. Love is the universal sentiment and the most charming object in this word. All thoughts arising out of a human heart are ministers of love. It is the sole cause behind interest in life. Love is a natural process, but as every natural object is made artificial before its use love also takes an artificial form. This form is called marriage. To maintain social order marriage is necessary. Love Marriage Procedure call 08585988301 Delhi Kashmiri Gate and Harit Vihar Burari.

If a marriage is settled through family members is called arranged marriage, but if it is settled through love it is called love marriage. Love marriage may be termed as coordinative between love and marriage. In the old book of Vedic-rituals Grihyasutra love marriage is declared the best type of marriage among the light types of marriage, describe in our ancient books, of sociology.

In modern era humanitarian thinking method recommends love marriage. If we oppose love marriage we oppose human liberty and live in a backward type of society. 

Sometime love marriage fail .Indeed hasty decisions make it a failure. Neither love relationship nor marital engagement should be decided hastily. Both are important decisions for a youth. Only fancy should not be the base of love entanglement but a couple should stand on realistic ground. Love relationship should be a balance between imagination and realty. Every love relationship does not need to end as marriage.